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  • FATI manufactures armoured heating elements in normal construction, leakproof construction to IP 65, IP 66, IP 67 and explosion-proof Ex construction, to be installed in places where there is a high... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Art reproductions | Accumulators and batteries | Batteries | Quality control and certification [+] Control panels - electric | Radiators - bladed | Radiators and convectors, industrial | Radiators, engine | Elements, electric | Resistors | Thermoresistors | electric immersion heaters | electric batteries | control panel
    ITALY - Cusago
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  • Present in the main industrial centres linked with petrol and gas industries. Sheet metal productions (manufacture of heat exchangers), industrial maintenance: maintenance, pipework, mechanical... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Boilermaking, naval | Boilermaking, precision | Industrial maintenance | Heat treatment furnaces [+] ship maintenance | equipment for furnaces and boilers | producer of heat exchangers | heat-treatment furnaces | distillation columns | sheet metal productions | equipment for catalytic crackers | mechanical maintenance for rotating machinery | mechanical maintenance for pressure devices | marine maintenance
    FRANCE - Le Havre
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  • WATTCO has been manufacturing custom designed industrial heaters and controls for over 50 years. With over 7000 customers, we design process heating solutions for oil and gas, chemical,... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Heating, industrial - installations and equipment | electric immersion heaters | infrared heaters | water heaters [+] heaters | electric heaters | industrial heating elements | electric industrial heaters | duct heaters | circulation heaters | industrial heaters | immersion heaters | flanged heaters | screwplug heaters
    CANADA - Lachine, Québec
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  • Leading Italian company setting the standards in the manufacture of components for wall heaters. Indeed, it offers a wide range of components capable of meeting all new needs in the construction... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Heating, industrial - installations and equipment | panel-type heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | fixed tube heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | air exchangers [+] thermal flywheels | heat exchangers-savers | plate-type heat exchangers | brazen welded heat exchangers | heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | manifold heat exchangers | movable tube-type heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | spiral heat exchangers for civil and industrial use
    ITALY - Marudo
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  • Design and manufacture of heat exchangers. Finned and leaf assembly pipes; heat reclaimers; carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper finned pipes. Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Radiators - fin-type | lamellar block exchangers | finned tubes for civil and industrial use | steel finned radiators [+] plate-type heat exchangers for refrigeration | heat exchangers for hot water production | heat exchangers for cold water production | plate-type exchangers | industrial hot-water heater pre-heaters | industrial hot-water heater economizers | heat exchangers for the textile sector | economisers | heat exchangers for the leather tanning sector | industrial hot-water heater condensers
    ITALY - San Pietro In Cariano
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  • The cardinal points of our manufacturing strategy are vertical integration and process in-sourcing. Indeed, our company makes nearly all the components for its ventilated units in-house. Stefani... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial | Water refrigerants | air conditioning unit | fixed tube heat exchangers for civil and industrial use [+] air conditioner | heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | air-cooled liquid chillers with axial fans | industrial air coolers with centrifugal fans | air coolers, angular | air coolers for cold stores | air-cooled liquid chillers | air coolers, angular | heat exchange coils | double row liquid coolers
    ITALY - Castegnero
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  • A leading manufacturer of heat exchangers since 1959. Manufacture of radiant batteries, finned tubes, thermoventilated heaters, pressure vessels and heat loss recovery systems. For the sector's... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | radiant coils | movable tube-type heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | panel-type heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | heat exchangers for civil and industrial use [+] spiral heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | air exchangers | aluminium radiators | oil vapour processing | bearing oil cooler pumps | water cooling | air heating | solvent recovery air heating for hoods | boiler economisers | mist collectors
    ITALY - Segrate
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  • UNEX Heatexchanger Engineering GmbH specialises in designing, constructing and supplying heat exchangers. Our expertise is based on current specialist knowledge combined with valuable experience from... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | heat exchangers | plate exchangers | heat regeneration systems | heat exchangers-savers [+] heat pump heating | spiral heat exchangers | heat exchangers made from titanium | accessories for heat exchangers | bath heat exchangers | software for heat exchangers | double-pipe heat exchangers | control technology for heating systems | stainless steel multi-core tubes | heat exchangers for sludge
    AUSTRIA - Eisenstadt
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  • heatsystems plans, designs and produces electric heating elements and systems to meet customers' individual requirements, for example flow heaters for oil or water, infrared radiant heaters, heating... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Fuel oil | flow heater | electric heat exchangers | cartridge heaters [+] diesel air heaters | flow heaters for oil and water | flow heaters | flow heaters for gases and liquids | safety recuperators | safety heat exchangers | electric radiators | explosion-protected radiators | heating flanges | tank heaters
    GERMANY - Reichshof
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  • As an expert and experienced system supplier for thermal processes, we plan, produce and service evaporators, crystallisers and dryers, as well as systems for recovering solvents. Solutions and... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Construction machinery | evaporators | vaporizers | earthmoving machinery [+] vacuum evaporators | crystallisation systems | extrusion systems | short-path evaporator systems | stainless steel heat exchangers | vacuum distillation systems | circulation evaporators | apparatus and container manufacturing | design offices for plant construction | plants for the chemical industry
    GERMANY - Teningen
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  • Ciesse is a company with a 20-year track record whose team of professionals have extensive experience of the compressed air sector. Manufacture of industrial heat exchangers. Replacement parts,... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | boilers | gas compressors | garage equipment | components for refrigeration equipment [+] vanes | piston compressors | alternating compressors | tyre compressors | compressed air equipment | centrifugal compressors | diaphragm compressor | screw compressors | radial compressor
    ITALY - Ciserano
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  • FDB has been working in the dairy product industry since 1976, building complete installations for the production of pasteurized fresh milk, sterilized UHT milk, thick yoghurts and drinking yoghurts,... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Dairies - machinery and equipment | Centrifugal pumps | multi-tube heat exchangers for liquids | corrugated tube heat exchangers for liquids [+] uht sterilisers for milk | automated heat treatment lines for milk | plate heat exchangers for liquids | automatic cip washing systems | continuous flow htst pasteurisers for milk
    ITALY - Molina-Malo
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  • CATALDI SAS is an ISO 9001/V2008 and 14001 environmentally-certified company created in 1976. CATALDI SAS specialises in cooling system renovation, assembly and manufacture. Manufacturer of radiators... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Radiators, engine | cooling batteries | radiator repairs | tube exchangers [+] hydraulic cooler | cooling towers | air exchanger | engine radiator manufacturer | copper radiator
    FRANCE - Marmande
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  • Solénove Énergie is the exclusive distributor for France of the Power-Pipe greywater heat recovery solution. A team of engineers specialising in recovering heat from greywater from homes, offices and... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Energy conservation, consultants | greywater heat recovery | novitherm technology | greywater heat recovery [+] production of hot water | drainwater heat recovery | shower water heat recovery | sink drainwater heat recovery | energy savings for multi-occupier buildings
    FRANCE - Aubigny
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  • Kelstream builds scraped surface heat exchangers for inline cooling or heating of your product. The Kelstream is commonly utilized in aseptic processing in the feed, food, pharma and non-food... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Food industry - machinery and equipment | food processing | thermal processing | scraped surface heat exchanger [+] scraped heat exchanger | equipment for heating and cooling food | processing soup | processing sauce | feed processing
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  • Design, construction and manufacture of air-cooled heat exchangers, air heaters and fin-tube heat exchangers. Supplier of: Heat recovery systems | vaned-pipe heat exchangers | oil cooler | aero-cooler | gas cooler [+] economiser | air preheaters | luvo | api661 | fin-tube heat exchanger
    GERMANY - Dorsten
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  • Design and manufacture of shell, tube and air heat exchangers, both for fluids and for industrial use. Our product line encompasses standard heat exchangers as well as products specially designed to... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | exchangers for transformers | air-air exchangers | heat exchangers for sea water | condensers [+] standard heat exchangers | special heat exchangers | fins for heat exchangers
    ITALY - Grezzago
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  • Società Aracque SRL, whose head office is situated in Tolentino (MC), has been working in the water treatment sector since 1985 and specialises in the design, manufacture and management of... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Industrial facilities - design | Industrial maintenance | Cooling towers | Water purification services [+] regeneration of cooling facilities | industrial washing | heat exchanger service
    ITALY - Tolentino
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  • Manufacture, according to plans and with mass production, of parts for boilermaking, with a diameter of 4000 mm and a weight of up to 15 tons. Parts are aimed at chemical facilities and similar... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | threaded pipe heat exchangers | hollow shaft heat exchangers | design and manufacture of heat exchangers | manufacture of stainless steel tanks [+] construction of chemical plants
    ITALY - Poggibonsi
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  • T.M. srl specialises in the production of facilities for the food, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. In particular, T.M. Tecnologie Meccaniche designs and manufactures: stainless... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Mechanical engineering - custom work | evaporators | distillers for petrochemical analysis | systems and equipment for the distillation of coal [+] distilling equipment | tanks for liquid petroleum products | stainless steel exchanger
    ITALY - Monteriggioni
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  • Tekna Parma manufactures ans sells joins and valves for industry. Approved distributor ALFA LAVAL, CRANE, VEGA, WRIGHT FLOW, VAUGHAN, LOBE PRO, SIHI, YGROS, DEPA and ELRO. Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Valves for spark ignition engines | Pumps | valves | fixed tube heat exchangers for civil and industrial use [+] motor-operated ball valves | pumps
    ITALY - Parma
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  • Jet Flow Technologies is one of the fastest growing and leading engineering company in Asia. We design, manufacture and exports energy efficient industrial equipments for process and power sectors.... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Condensers | steam ejector | steam condensers | thermocompressor [+] vacuum systems and components | pneumatic control valves | desuperheater
    INDIA - Mumbai
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  • The company handles the construction of flanges, nozzle plates, diaphragms, flanges and companion flanges for heat exchangers. It also carries out bespoke work for third parties. The materials used... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Flanges | steel flanges | heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | manifold heat exchangers [+] metal boring | small metal parts and products | turning
    ITALY - Truccazzano
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  • Pfannenberg Europe GmbH is a medium-sized company situated in Hamburg, Germany. // CLIMATIZATION OF ELECTRICAL ENCLOSURES We specialize in engineering of industry grade climatization solutions for... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Air conditioning equipment | fire alarm | sirens | filter fans [+] control cabinet cooling systems | thermostats and hygrostats | control cabinet heating systems | xenon flashing lights | visual and audible alarms | visual signallers | audible signallers
    GERMANY - Hamburg
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  • Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Storage tanks | gas tanks | custom-made tanks | atmospheric tanks
    ITALY - Maserada Sul Piave
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  • Anthermo GmbH produces and distributes heat exchangers and fittings. Our products include: Air-liquid heat exchangers, waste-water heat exchangers, twin-tube heat exchangers, air-air heat exchangers,... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | heat regeneration systems | fittings acc. ansi b 16.11 and mss sp 97 | wast gas heat exchanger | air heat exchangers [+] pillow plates | therm plate | evaporator plate | finned tube heat exchanger | spectacle blind gaskets (fittings)
    GERMANY - Kamen
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  • At Thermic Energy we view ourselves as a young, modern business that specialises in renewable energy technology. All steps, from development and construction right through to testing and series... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Solar energy | Solar energy - installations | heat exchangers | heating plant installation [+] buffer tanks | batteries for photovoltaic plants | heat pumps | solar modules | potable water storage tanks and service water storage tanks
    GERMANY - Borna
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  • Dipl. Ing. K. Dietzel GmbH is a system supplier for complete hydraulic connection technology. Construction, development, manufacture and distribution of fittings. All, from pressure to suction... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Hydraulic equipment | Inner tubes | manifold heat exchangers | hydraulic hoses [+] industrial hydraulics | pipes | ball cocks | flexible hoses | high pressure pipes | hydraulic systems | heat exchangers | cnc pipe bending parts | hydraulic components | hydraulic components for farming machinery
    GERMANY - Löbichau
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  • Planning, construction, preparation and delivery of systems, system components and devices for generating hot gas and energy, heat recovery using thermal oil and steam and the services associated... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Energy - production plants and equipment | recovery boilers | steam boilers for industrial use | pressure tanks [+] heating boilers | heat regeneration systems | steam wand | thermal oil heating systems | high-temperature systems | exhaust gas heat exchangers | flue gas | exhaust gas heat exchangers (flue gas) | steam boiler | heating
    GERMANY - Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
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  • Technologica is an expert in high-tech metals, materials and process technology used in the aluminium industry, the electronic equipment and electrical engineering industry, the biotechnology... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Aluminium and aluminium alloys | niobium | tantalum | aluminium alloys [+] caesium compounds | special chemicals | non-ferrous scrap metal | equipment manufacturing using special materials | semi-finished niobium products | graphite heat exchangers | heat exchangers made from special materials | heat exchangers made from titanium | equipment and containers made from titanium | tantalum semi-finished products
    GERMANY - Bad Homburg Vor Der Höhe
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